24 Hour Gym

24 Hour Gym Access!

Finding a gym you like, that has hours that suit your needs, is not always easy. This is where we come in however, because Lake Side Fit is here to provide you with the tools and assistance you need in order to achieve your fitness goals.


For example, we have classes that will get you into shape in a way that enhances your overall health without sabotaging any element of your overall fitness. Critically, they will focus on areas where you might be weak and will strive to ensure that you are stronger and healthier for years to come.  Now we offer top of the line Life Fitness Cardio Equipment, Circuit Machines, Free Weights, and more.


Even better, active and fit classes help you meet like-minded people who you can connect with that have similar goals. These benefits are all significant to consider if you want to try out these classes.


4171 Lake St Bridgman, Mi 49106

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