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With Thanksgivings being tomorrow I like to focus on family and all the things I'm thankful for.

With working at Fitness facilities throughout the years I've always heard many people nervous about what they eat and how they don't want to blow their diets over the holiday. I say EAT, so what if you overindulge what's life if you can't enjoy a piece of pie.

If you drink shakes daily there's always another day to get back on track, if you eat Keto have a croissant you can cut out those carbs another time, If you count Macros skip it for the day you can count them again tomorrow. What I'm saying is life is short don't let a diet control you, yes eating healthy is great, do what makes you feel good, if you want mashed potatoes with butter go for it, it's good to go off your diet sometimes you can still get Fit and healthy even if you live a little. This Thanksgiving be thankful, focus on family, being together with food and laughter. If aunt Margret thinks you need an extra helping of her famous green bean casserole EAT it, you can always burn off those calories another day.

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Sometimes it's hard for me to think of things to write about for my blog I ponder on many thoughts wanting it to be just perfect and sometimes a blog come really easy to me I'll have a conversation and an idea pops in my head that I feel someone needs to hear. Today I finally made it to church and one of the ladies there gave me such a nice meaningful hug and compliment about how proud she was of me and that I'm such a great inspiration and wow that meant so much to me. The sermon was about Gods calling and doing Gods work. The fitness industry really isn't a holy job but then again if you think of it people listen to me and trust in me. I already tend to talk about in class how thankful I am for ALL God has done in my life and members know how blessed I feel to have them in my life, I also pray for them daily, I like to talk about church and how it has impacts my life even though I don't always attend every Sunday I know in my heart I'm living for God and God knows my heart. Yes I do feel I'm living my calling and doing Gods work, healthy is not only about your body there's spiritual health too. Hopefully someone out there will read this and it will remind them how important God is to have in their life, remind them how blessed they truly are and to be thankful for all he does, because God is so good.

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We all have intentions of doing things maybe it's going to church on Sunday or maybe it's to come try out a class at Lake Side Fit. Whatever your intentions are do what you intend to! It seems like every Saturday I tell myself I'm going to go to church on Sunday but then I wake up Sunday morning and it feels so nice just to be home with nothing to do curled up on the couch with my coffee and by the time I get motivated to get ready, it's too late and then my whole day is ruined with the could've, would've, should've, and I know I would have been much more happy with myself if I would have just gotten up and got ready for church to praised his name in song and listened to Gods word. Same with classes I always feel so much better after a class at Lake Side Fit well not filled with the Holy Spirit but filled with laughter friends and feeling great from a good workout if you ever have intentions of coming to class do it, your day will go much better from a fun workout with friends to motivate you and if you have never been to a class before come check it out I'm pretty sure you'll have intentions of coming back. 😉💚

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