Two years ago today I lost piece of me, my childhood, my best friend, my neighbor, the one I could always call on when I needed someone. You were the best brother and friend, you and I were always so close and you could make me laugh at some of the most stupidest things. We both shared a love of music and just about every song gives me a memory of you. So many things remind me of you I even sometimes here your voice when I laugh, I try to represent you in many ways trying to be what I loved best about you, you were so giving and kind even though you didn't have much, so funny and friendly you could make a friend wherever you'd go. You'd be so proud of me right now with family and especially the studio you knew it always was a dream of mine. In the studio the plant on the counter is from your funeral, the palm trees that were out front are from a plant nursery where you once worked, I play music all the time in class that reminds me of you and the anchor was the last tattoo that you got during a time in your life you were happy.

Logan Rindfield 8/14/82 - 10/29/17

“Sprit in the Sky”

This picture sums it up 😭

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I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, I like to think that I'm very optimistic and understanding of situations. Things have happened in my life that probably should've gotten me down and I still held my head high and I'm proud of that.

Dreams do happen it's almost like God can hear your inner thoughts, sometimes they play out perfectly sometimes it's a winding road but in the end God has plans for you, you just have to have faith and believe. In certain situations you'll question why? But in the end it'll work out the way it should and you'll realize why it happened the way it did.

It's always good to dream for the future but live for today and enjoy what God has done for your life in this moment.

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You can either stay where you are or you can take a chance you can take a chance on many things in life like trying something new, you can take a chance on a class you've never tried before or even a new flavor of coffee you never had. It could be a huge chance at something so life changing but you'll never know the outcome if you don't take that chance. If a opportunity arises and you don't take a chance will you forever feel you missed out on something or wonder if you made the right decision? Or is chance simply fate? By taking a chance there are many uncertainties but without taking those chances you may never know how perfect something may turn out to be.

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