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Eat It 🍗🥐🥔

With Thanksgivings being tomorrow I like to focus on family and all the things I'm thankful for.

With working at Fitness facilities throughout the years I've always heard many people nervous about what they eat and how they don't want to blow their diets over the holiday. I say EAT, so what if you overindulge what's life if you can't enjoy a piece of pie.

If you drink shakes daily there's always another day to get back on track, if you eat Keto have a croissant you can cut out those carbs another time, If you count Macros skip it for the day you can count them again tomorrow. What I'm saying is life is short don't let a diet control you, yes eating healthy is great, do what makes you feel good, if you want mashed potatoes with butter go for it, it's good to go off your diet sometimes you can still get Fit and healthy even if you live a little. This Thanksgiving be thankful, focus on family, being together with food and laughter. If aunt Margret thinks you need an extra helping of her famous green bean casserole EAT it, you can always burn off those calories another day.

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