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Glad we did it glad we’re done.

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

So everyday is not sunshine and rainbows I love my job but let's face it there are days when I literally roll out of bed at 4:15 in the morning and think to myself why on earth do I do this to myself when all I want to do is sleep in just a little longer. Once I get there still a bit achy the first person walks in and I realize how blessed I am, then more and more come in and I end up with a full class and I think wow they are all here for me. I've got to shake off this ache and turn on the pep, it's amazing how the motivation of everyone inspires me and it's not only early morning classes I'm a morning person so teaching classes at night are always a mental struggle especially if it's a cold rainy day but once I'm there I couldn't be happier. Like everyone we all have our days when we don't really want to and the motivation isn't there, but remember once we are all together we motivate, and inspire each other and in the end if you're like me your “glad you did it glad your done” because that feeling of knowing you did it, that accomplishment is so worth it. Plus at Lake Side Fit we have such a great time laughing and sweating we forget that we ever had those feelings of not wanting to workout in the first place.

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