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I have a challenge for you Roll Your Shoulders Back! Aka Headlights 😉 throughout the day we forget how important it is to stand tall and keep those shoulders back during our normal routine driving, working out, watching tv, or even eating meals. we tend to hunch over and slouch but posture is key to standing taller and keeping a healthy spine, plus it will help you appear longer and leaner. I will admit I forgot throughout the day and need to focus more on keeping my shoulders back too, so I challenge you, myself included on keeping those shoulders rolled back. The muscles in your back may hurt at first but once your body gets used to it, it will be your natural posture.

To avoid the all-too-common shoulder slump here’s a simple solution. Perform a shoulder roll: shrug your shoulder to your ears, pinch your shoulder blades together and then press your shoulders down. As you do this roll, notice that the muscles around your shoulder blades become active. Now, stay “in touch” with them and imagine that your shoulder blades are sliding down your back in a “V” shape. Headlights you may feel like your sticking those girls out for the world to see but you’re not you’ll actually look way better then slouching. 💚

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