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We all have intentions of doing things maybe it's going to church on Sunday or maybe it's to come try out a class at Lake Side Fit. Whatever your intentions are do what you intend to! It seems like every Saturday I tell myself I'm going to go to church on Sunday but then I wake up Sunday morning and it feels so nice just to be home with nothing to do curled up on the couch with my coffee and by the time I get motivated to get ready, it's too late and then my whole day is ruined with the could've, would've, should've, and I know I would have been much more happy with myself if I would have just gotten up and got ready for church to praised his name in song and listened to Gods word. Same with classes I always feel so much better after a class at Lake Side Fit well not filled with the Holy Spirit but filled with laughter friends and feeling great from a good workout if you ever have intentions of coming to class do it, your day will go much better from a fun workout with friends to motivate you and if you have never been to a class before come check it out I'm pretty sure you'll have intentions of coming back. 😉💚

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