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It’s all about how you think 🌞✨

We all have those day when things don't go as planned, this was posted by a friend yesterday and it got me thinking...

"I got in my car with a bad attitude today. “It’s only Wednesday.”

I got in my car unenthused about the day.

“I can’t wait until it’s over.”

I got in my car wishing I could go back to bed.

“It’s too early, I’m tired.”

As I was driving I knew I was thinking wrong.

I was setting myself up for disaster.

I got to my destination and saw snowflakes falling on my windshield- it brought a smile to my face.

God’s way of telling me to be positive.

As many of you know, I love winter and snow.

I got out of my car with a better attitude.

“Today’s Wednesday, half way through the week already.”

I got out of my car thanking God for another day.

I got out of my car embracing the fresh air.

I got out of my car loving today, excited for the day and ready to get my work done.

God is good people-- He’s so good.

Have a great Wednesday" ✨🌞. -Sydnee Rogers

Today was one of those day I woke up feeling ready but things happen that weren't planned and I could have let it ruin my whole day but it was Gods plan. I feel proud that I could figure out how to improvise the problem.

Life is full of many tests and it's all about how you take it you could let the simplest thing take control of your whole mood or you can be optimistic and think of all the Good in life, and thank God for all he dose.

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