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Why Skinny?

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I've posted this on our Facebook page a while back but it's something that holds near and dear to my heart because I see so many women working out and killing themselves with diets for the wrong reasons and if you think about it dose skinny really look that good? Working in the fitness industry I see so many people trying to obtain unrealistic goals wanting to be a certain weight, have lots of muscles, or be super lean but you have to remember God gave you your body, yes you can be fit, healthy and active but remember not everyone is going to have THAT look it's no different than trying to be taller you just can't, so live healthy, be fit do what works for you, if God gave you hips you may always have hips but remember to be happy in the active body God gave you Be Healthy, Be Strong can you lift your babies and run with them at the park? Can you finish a fitness class and feel good about yourself? So what if you’re not a size 2 if you feel good and do all the things you want that’s what it’s all about.

Be Bright, Be Bold, Be YOU! 🌊💚💪🏻

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