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Wellness Spa

What is a Wellness Spa?

Wellness is a combination of two words - well-being & fitness. It can be said that wellness is achieving perfect balance between the mind and body. So, at a wellness spa, you can expect to have activities and treatments that lead to this balance between mind and body. Fitness classes and gym equipment are things you can expect to see at a wellness spa to help with the fitness aspect. And while fitness is certainly important, it only represents one part of wellness. To help with your mind, you can expect to see treatments such as massage therapy, red light therapy, even tanning beds. 

Another characteristic of a wellness spa is that it offers a pleasant environment with the support of a friendly staff to help you relax and recover. 

If you are looking for a wellness spa around Bridgman, MI, come into Lake Side Fit. Our wellness spa offers everything that you need to help balance your mind and body. 

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