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Moon 🌙

Something you may or may not know about me is I absolutely love the Moon I'm not a night person but as soon as it rises in the evening or especially in the early morning I love to see the moon no matter what phase it is in. I even named my daughter Luna which means moon in Latin. I've done a lot of study on the moon my mood, energy level, and even my creativity is greatly impacted by the moon and its phases. Right now the moon is in first quarter and my mood isn't as peppy as it can be I'm ready for the new moon for a reset. If you pay attention to the moon you'll notice the differences it makes in your life or you can just enjoy its beauty and magnificence in the sky. Slow down life is short try to notice all of Gods wonderful creations the moon, stars, the Fall colors, there’s so much around us even at the studio embrace all the laughter and smiling faces because God brought us all together for a reason not only to get Fit but for friendship.

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