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I have a Google home doc in my house and it's the kind that scrolls through your pictures on your iCloud. I love to take tons of pictures from my kids to classes at Lake Side Fit, like the class at Weko beach to just the average every day class or just random pictures of my friends at the studio. The point being I love to take pictures and I love looking at them. So when I'm at home drinking my coffee or just going throughout my daily routine pictures pop up of all the wonderful people in my life my kids, my husband, pictures from the past to present, plus all my friends from Lake Side Fit and I love it, it feels to me like your all my family it lets me remember what silly fun workout we were doing and I get to see all the smiles we shared in class all over again, memories of how great the weather was during our first beach walk or of who won the competition that Saturday, to pictures of the parade, 5k and color run we did. So many memories and so many wonderful friends/members, to me I consider you all my family not because you pop up on my Google home but because I look forward to seeing you all everyday, the laughter and smiles we share, the conversation we have not only about fitness but basically everything we can think of. My hope is that everyone who comes to Lake Side Fit feels this family, comfortable, nonjudgmental, atmosphere and feels right at home. Thank you all for being in my life being and being apart of my Lake Side Fit family 💚

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