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I kill Fat for a living

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

So my husband Jimmy wanted me to start a blog and I was thinking are you crazy why would anyone want to read it? But like the good wife that I am here I am writing so I figured today I would blog about my amazing Job and how blessed I am to be living my dream job. I absolutely love instructing classes when I'm teaching that's where I find my passion. I love motivating others, watching them achieve their goals is amazing to me, just the burst of confidence and the feeling of accomplishment they have after a workout is awesome to hear and see. I don't always have good feedback I have numerous people tell me they love/hate me, send me a random middle finger emoji when they are so sore later in the day, or even call me a monster after a hard workout lol I've learned to love this and realize I'm pushing them just enough, plus I know it's all out of good fun and love. I wouldn't call myself a drill Sargent type of instructor but the type that's going to push you enough but baby you when you need it. I'm also a HUGE fan of laughter and feel if you're not having fun while working out than what's the point. I've worked at other gyms before and had some really amazing people in my life but I honestly feel here at Lake Side Fit I found MY people the ones that get me and I can completely be myself around laugh, joke, motivate, inspire, have fun and get FIT together. If you're looking for a class that you're going to be feel good about I definitely recommend coming to one at our studio I can guarantee you will leave feeling better then when you came in maybe just sore and hating me a little. But all in all I am so completely blessed to be where I am today I definitely feel I’m doing what God has planned for me to do, my calling.

“I kill fat for a living"

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