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Last night I had a conversation with one of my good friends/members, we were talking about my husband and I hopes and dreams of expanding the studio into a 24 hour gym. She was expressing concerns and wondered if I was worried I said of course I'm worried I was worried when we started the just the studio, but my husband has such a crazy outlook on the whole thing he makes you think well why not?! "It's only money, what if it turns out to be something great, what if it is just what we planned or even better? You'll never know if you don't try." Same with the studio we took a chance and gave it a try and it has exceeded all my expectations, we even had to tear down a wall within the first month of opening to make more room because classes were filling up way faster and larger then I ever expected. My whole relationship with Jimmy has been this crazy fast take a chance.

I met Jimmy June 28th at our church vacation bible school and we got engaged August 1st and then married August 14th that same month, yes getting married after only 6 weeks of knowing each other was fast and crazy, but when you know you know and we couldn't be happier. The same thing with the studio we looked at the building May 3rd and by June 1st we had our grand opening. Worried or not expanding the studio could work out great and be just what our community needs. 🌊💚💪🏻

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